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The Women’s Village: A Unique Space of Women’s Visibility

Written by Sande Hart
July 8, 2023

Once again making women’s history at the Parliament of The World’s Religions!

The Women’s Village is a unique space, a result of the natural progression of the trajectory of women’s visible presence at the Parliament since 2015. Carefully designed to support the way women create and converge, you’re invited to enter the Village and be activated and inspired to deepen our commitment to protect and preserve human rights and dignity for women, for all.

Just as women hold our community, the Women’s Village is held by Women’s Woven Voices Tapestries and the Lydia Ruhl Goddess Banners,
artistic offerings that represent all faiths and regions of the world. This breathtaking art surrounds us to inspire, evoke, wake up, and comfort.

The Village will activate, support, and nurture you, inviting you to contribute to activities, conversations, and spontaneous experiences.

Features of the Women’s Village

Your Voice Matters – Renown producer Dale Allen will be conducting interviews inviting women to share their wisdom and record their experiences of this historic convening, the status of women in religion or spiritual practices, and other insights and wisdom.

Women’s Sacred Space – A welcoming, safe, and inclusive sanctuary for women of all faiths to pray, meditate, reflect, recline, conduct ceremony, spiritual practice, and ritual, to move as women move, and to bless one another. Women are invited to contribute items of their faith tradition to any of the altars in the space.

Open space and opportunities for offerings relating to guided meditation, movement, prayer, song, etc. are available. Please sign up outside the Sacred Space, Room E251 to reserve your time. Regular times will also be reserved for quiet contemplation, reflection and meditation, and there will be times when the space will be open to all.

Each day is carefully scheduled with programming to support women in our bodies, heart, and soul so we may show up in our respectful communities supported and whole.

Women’s Morning Gatherings –  Experience the alchemy of women’s wisdom and collective power in dialogue, each morning exploring an element of women’s magnificence:

  • Tues: Fierce Listening
  • Wed: Body Awareness
  • Thurs: Discovering Our Sacred Marching Orders
  • Friday: Experience the Power of Women Converging

Red Tent Workshop – In a Red Tent, the womb of sisterhood, we are able to be nurtured, to grow, to feel honored, and be safe. We are free to honor our biological gifts and transformations, to celebrate our sacred nature, to comfort and hold one another. A Red Tent is an original and personal expression of you and your sisters in your own community. Similar in structure to Red Tents created by other women around the world, it will nevertheless be uniquely yours.

Learn best practices and models to build from and alchemize your own Red Tent in three separate workshops; Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Water Ceremony – Water is the source of life, inspiration, and nourishment for our body, heart, mind, and soul. All are welcome to contribute to our water ceremony, led in a sacred manner from where our collective wisdom flows. You may also leave with a sampling of our unified water to take home and conduct your own water ceremony or keep as inspiration.

Register for the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions today! Already registered? Explore the Women’s program.

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