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Yakov Cohen Addresses the Conscience Plenary

Yakov Cohen addressed the Conscience Plenary at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, USA.

Good morning. In the name of the God I call, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, and all who yearn for a word filled of love, peace, harmony, and brotherhood. We gather here, not as a separate individual, but as a united force, driven by a common purpose to bring about a world where peace prevails.

As a son of the High Priest of the ancient Samaritan, when I said ancient, it belonged to 3,658 years ago from Mount Garizim, a peaceful town that is shared by both Israel and Palestine. 

Today, we found ourselves in a unique role as a regular bridge of peace between Israel and Palestine by having the top religious municipal leaders in my father’s reception room to get blessings and advice on how make peace. Our vision of a human right and dignity extends all borders, ideologies, and differences. 

To be a Samaritan, you must believe in the 10 commandments. And when you believe in the 10 commandments, you will respect all the human rights. We must extend our hand to those in need, irrespective of their background, and work toward building a bridge of trust and cooperation. We need a world where children can play without fear and families can pray without tears.

Let begin truly coming together in our hearts and minds to pray for peace in every corner of the world. May the light of peace shine upon those who are suffering and may we work collectively to create a world where all people can live without fear and with dignity.

Let us remember that peace begins within each of anus and extends to the farther reaches of the world. Together we can make a difference, fostering a world where love, empathy, and respect guide our actions. Let there be peace in our hearts. Amen.

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