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20 Years Later, Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2021

Today we remember the horrifying events of September 11, 2001 and mourn the 2,996 lives lost on that Tuesday morning. As we all remember what we were that day, the Parliament reposts the statement made in time after these unjustified attacks.

Dated 2001

Statement from the Board of Trustees
The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions

With people all over the world, we are shocked and saddened by last week’s events. These tragic acts are an affront to the shared respect for life embraced by each of our religious and spiritual traditions. As Americans who celebrate our country’s rich diversity, we acknowledge that there are powerful negative religious and cultural overtones to this crisis. While those responsible for these crimes must be held accountable, the violence of terrorism can too easily engender a cycle of violence in response. The core values and ideals of our traditions call us to a different and higher response.

Regardless of where the ultimate responsibility for these terrible deeds lies, we are concerned that our Arab-American and Muslim neighbors and members of other immigrant communities may be subject to unwarranted suspicion, harassment and even violence. We know that such acts of terrorism are contrary to the teachings of Islam and abhorrent to its adherents. We must resist the urge to vent on this peaceful community our anger and frustration over the actions of terrorists.

As people of faith and spirit, we call on our religious and spiritual communities, and people of goodwill everywhere, to take the lead in breaking the cycle of violence and working together to create a climate of healing, trust and hope.

Mrs. Mazher Ahmed, Muslim
Dr. Balwant Singh Hansra, Sikh
Dr. John Pawlikowski, Christian
Mr. Syed Wahajuddin Ahmed, Muslim
Ms. Asayo Horibe, Buddhist
Dr. Kusumita Pedersen, Hindu
Mrs. Joyce Allen, Christian
Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan, Muslim
Dr. Stephen Perkins, Christian
Rev. Dr. Thomas Baima, Christian
Rabbi Peter Knobel, Jewish
Dr. Hemlata Pokharna, Jain
Ms. Omie Baldwin, Native American
Mr. Roy Larson, Christian
Dr. Biswamay Ray, Hindu
Dr. Gerald Barney, Christian
Rev. Dr. William Lesher, Christian
Mr. Rohinton Rivetna, Zoroastrian
H.H. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Hindu
Rev. Andrew Luczak, Christian
Rev. Paul Rutgers, Christian
Rev. Dr. David Breed, Christian
Dr. Dick Luecke, Christian
Mr. Manish Shah, Jain
Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, Christian
Most Rev. Timothy J. Lyne, Christian
Mrs. Helen Spector, Jewish
Mr. Blouke Carus, Christian
Mr. Rajinder Singh Mago, Sikh
Ms. Jeanne Sullivan, Christian
Dr. Rahul Deepankar, Buddhist
Mr. Amrish Mahajan, Hindu
Brother Wayne Teasdale, Christian
Sr. Margaret Diener, OP Christian
Sr. Joan McGuire, Christian
Rev. Robert V. Thompson, Christian
Dr. Diana Eck, Christian
Dr. Calvin Morris, Christian
Ms. Joanne Kiyoko Tohei, Buddhist
Mr. William Gifford, Christian
Dr. James Nelson. Christian
Swami Varadananda, Hindu
Dr. Daniel Gómez-Ibáñez, Interfaith
Rev. Koshin Ogui, Buddhist
Sr. Georgene Wilson, OSF Christian
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Hai, Muslim
Imam Rashied Omar, Muslim

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