A Gift from the Parliament

December 8, 2016

Would you join us in a gift exchange?
We are proud of the gift we’ve prepared for you, which has taken a good deal of time …and some imagination, too.
Just over a year ago, we convened the largest and — from what we heard from almost everyone who attended — the best Parliament in our long history. Over 10,000 people from all over the world gathered in Salt Lake City to “reclaim the heart of our humanity.”
Now we want to share our gift with you, as a remembrance of that Parliament and a reminder of some of the most important things that took place there.
This link leads to a digital report on the 2015 Salt Lake City Parliament of the World’s Religions (for downloadable PDF, click here). For those of you who were there or joined the Parliament via livestream — enjoy the memories it evokes. Embrace the life-changing moments that occurred there. Imagine what you would like to see again or differently at the next Parliament.
Even if you weren’t physically there in Salt Lake City, know that your support bolstered us and your spirit influenced all of the goings-on at the Parliament. For that, we are very grateful.
And what would we like from you in this proposed gift exchange?
For one thing, we hope you will join us for the next Parliament, which will occur in 2018. The details on the location and time will be announced very soon. We have been working night and day on selecting a site, and we know that your excitement will match ours when we share the results with you.
But you don’t have to wait until 2018 to start preparing for the next Parliament. There, as in Salt Lake City, we will be giving serious attention to crucial global concerns that we believe can be most effectively addressed in an interfaith way.
These concerns won’t wait around for us while we plan the next Parliament. They have been central to the Parliament mission from the beginning: climate change and environmental sustainability; economic injustice (and other forms of injustice); hate, division, violence and war; the human rights and dignity of women; the condition of indigenous peoples, and the state of children and youth across the globe. And while these issues have always been serious and threatening, they have entered a higher echelon of immediacy in light of recent world changes.
We simply can’t wait until 2018 to find new ways of engaging these issues. We have to do it now!
That’s why we also hope you will get on board with our work in one or more of the areas that are listed above. If you let us know what area(s) you’d like to lend your efforts to, we will make you partners right from the start of our planning for the 2018 Parliament and in all the actions that we will be taking together in the next year.
We also ask for your continued financial support. The projects that you will be joining are best served by your time, your expertise, your energy and your commitment. But we depend on your financial contributions to support what we are going to do together.
We at the Parliament hope you will take us up on this gift exchange – the gift of working together for flourishing of all the parts of the world we share.

Larry, Stephen, Molly, Austin, Miriam, Rangie and Michael

Land Acknowledgment

The Parliament of the World's Religions acknowledges it is situated on the traditional homelands of the Bodéwadmik (Potawatomi), Hoocąk (Winnebago/Ho’Chunk), Jiwere (Otoe), Nutachi (Missouria), and Baxoje (Iowas); Kiash Matchitiwuk (Menominee); Meshkwahkîha (Meskwaki); Asâkîwaki (Sauk); Myaamiaki (Miami), Waayaahtanwaki (Wea), and Peeyankihšiaki (Piankashaw); Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo); Inoka (Illini Confederacy); Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe), and Odawak (Odawa).

PoWR recognizes the region we now call Chicago remains home to a diversity of Indigenous peoples today and this land upon which we walk, live, and play continues to be Indigenous land.

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