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Indigenous Grandmothers Host Virtual Interfaith Prayer Circle for Parliament Members

July 27, 2020


On Tuesday, August 4th starting at 4 PM CST join a group of indigenous Grandmothers hosting a virtual interfaith prayer circle, available exclusively for Parliament members. The Grandmothers will offer prayer for the Earth, our relationship with her and with all of like, and for the boundless hear of our human family. Parliament members will then be invited to offer their own prayers.
The group, including Granmothers Rose Pere, Mary Lyons, Pershlie Ami, Flor De Mayo, Moetu Taiha, and Devi Tide, formed around Great Grandmother Rose Pere’s message “that we are all in it together, that we’re all part of the same unity, that really we are made of love, that our purpose is to see each other”. Since 2014, they have been traveling together to share their wisdoms around the world.
In 2015, the group offered various programs at the 2015 Salt Lake City Parliament, carrying their vision and message of healing the planet as one humanity. In 2020, they reconnected with the Parliament in reflections on the power of love during the time of global pandemic. On August 4th, the Grandmothers offer a virtual prayer space to Parliament members, offering an intimate, spiritually nurturing moment for member among tumultuous times.

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