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Join the Parliament for a Virtual Conference on “Nuclear Weapons and International Law”

October 29, 2020

On Thursday, November 12 join Parliament Chair, Audrey Kitagawa, and Parliament Ambassador for Peace, Security and Nuclear Disarmament, Jonathan Granoff, for the virtual conference Nuclear Weapons and International Law 2020.
Sponsored by the International Section of the New York State Bar Association, this free virtual conference will bring together thought-leaders, policy-makers, and experts – from the UN, other domestic and international governmental agencies, think-tanks, NGOs, and academia – for a comprehensive examination of this still grave but often overlooked subject. The program includes panels on the present facts and policies about nuclear weapons, international law, including present and proposed treaties, the role of the UN and other organizations, and how to both increase public awareness of the continued threat of nuclear weapon and create new, more stable international norms of conduct and policy.
Explore the full program below.

Parliament Chair, Audrey Kitagawa, will join Panel 5: Approaches for Advancing the Rule of Law and Morality as Concerns Nuclear Weapons at 4:10 pm. Panelists will address approaches for advancing the rule of law and morality as concerns nuclear weapons, including considerations as to litigation, defense of protesters, shareholders litigation, shareholders resolutions, FOIA requests, civic advocacy, universal jurisdiction, election of proactive prosecutors, civil engagement, the work of major faith groups, and other approaches.
Featured panelists include:
• Laurie Ashton, Of Counsel, Keller Rohrback; Member of Legal Team for the Marshall Islands in Its Nuclear Disarmament Cases in the International Court of Justice; Counsel for Marshall Islands in Its Nuclear Disarmament Case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals• Jacqueline Cabasso, Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation; North American Coordinator, Mayors for Peace• Rev. Prof. Drew Christiansen, S.J., Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Human Development, Walsh School of Foreign Service, and Senior Fellow, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Georgetown University• Tom Z. Collina, Director of Policy, Ploughshares Fund, and Co-author, with William J. Perry, The Button: The New Nuclear Arms Race and Presidential Power from Truman to Trump (BenBella Books, 2020)• Audrey Kitagawa, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Parliament of the World’s Religions

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