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PWR Affiliated Religica Launch Offers Podcasts and More on New Web-hub

January 17, 2019

Today the Parliament of the World’s Religions is pleased to celebrate the public launch of a new PWR-allied organization: Religica.
Developed for a broad audience, Religica was created by Parliament of the World’s Religions Trustee and Board Secretary Dr. Michael Reid Trice and allies to produce original videos, podcasts, learning guides and articles. These works arise from a commitment to illuminating how faith and spiritual traditions are a force for good throughout the world, and promise to spark new and wondrous journeys for audiences across religious and interfaith movements.
Visitors to the robust web-hub will find portals of Religica resources that are enriched by showcasing multiple dimensions of diverse human experiences— filtered through religion’s expression in the lives and communities of its guests, allies, and contributors. The site includes projects accessible today, and will continue to blossom throughout the year with resources now in development.
Parliament Distributes It’s About Time Podcasts from Allies at New Web Hub,
Listen to new episodes today
The Parliament of the World’s Religions is proud to distribute It’s About Time,a weekly podcast produced in partnership with our allies at and Seattle University.

Producers say, “It’s About Time focuses on local voices everywhere, from neighborhood influencers to internationally recognized speakers. Across fields of interest, our aim is to speak the truth where the integrity of real voices inspires us all. Join us in experiencing each of these unique and inspiring stories.”

January’s content streaming now features:

Chaplain Colonel Khalid Shabazz, PhD. Colonel, Division Leader, & Muslim Chaplain in the United States Army. He is a featured guest of the podcast entitled, Honest Leadership and Knowing Oneself, which highlights how seeing oneself is honest and courageous – and opens up the world.
Rev. Anne Van Kley, M.Div is a Christian pastor in the none-zone of the Pacific Northwest. She is the guest of the podcast entitled, We Lead Beyond Blame by Doing Hard Things, which discusses the role of women leadership and the liberating power of gratitude.
Taijo Imanaka is the Head at a Koyasan Buddhist Temple. His podcast premiering today entitled Leadership Begins Within, Like a Lotus Flower, reflects upon responding to violence and the resilient beauty of being a lotus.


Religious Response to Violence Now Live

The Parliament of the World’s Religions is also allied to on the launch of the robust web platform Religious Response to Violence, featuring videos, tools and resources exploring the religious landscape and the lives of those who interact across questions, theories and experiences of violence.