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Religious Genius – a Post Parliament Training Presented by the Elijah Interfaith Institute

August 24, 2015

All religions recognize there are outstanding individuals, whose spiritual insight, presence and power by far surpass those of others. These individuals help create, define, drive, reform and inspire their traditions. They are the models who provide the basis for emulation by others and they are the ideal of the tradition in its concrete manifestation, in the lives of humans. The new category of “Religious Genius” has been developed  to describe these individuals and to raise awareness of the enormous contribution their lives and teachings have made and could continue to make to towards a better world.
The Elijah Interfaith Institute has identified “Religious Genius” as a fertile meeting ground for scholars and practitioners to share. Let us share the best of our religions, and not be reduced to the worst examples of our religions, as these find expression in violence carried out in the name of religion and amplified by the media.
The Elijah Institute will be offering a post-parliament training in “Religious Genius”, featuring scholars and religious leaders, who have been working on the theme for several years, with the support of the John Templeton Foundation. “Religious Genius” provides us with a new language for interreligious exchanges, and is relevant to all the great Scriptural traditions, East and West.
At the training you will:
1. Receive the essentials of “Religious Genius” theory.
2. Gain a variety of methods for study and presentation of our finest religious examples.
3. Engage in dialogue around textual study, associated with religious geniuses and their teachings.
4. Identify ways in which you can take the teaching of “Religious Genius” back to your community
5. Have the opportunity for intimate exchanges and study with scholars, leaders and other interfaith practitioners.

The training is open to all who seek to have a profound experience of interfaith study and engagement. We particularly seek to involve those who represent or can
influence any of the following:

Religious Communities/ religious leaders: Religious communities can come to understand more fully how and why certain figures are important to them.
Interreligious Communities: Religious Geniuses provide inspiration not just for their religious community but also for those from different traditions. RG has significance as a route towards better and deeper dialogue.
Youth Leaders: The idea of Religious Genius will appeal to youth movements, either associated with a religious institution or independent, who seek to grapple with existential issues and values clarification.
Academics: Academics are invited to include Religious Genius in their current teaching programs or to develop new courses. Our team will work with you on developing such courses.

Graduates of the training will have the opportunity to complete the fuller training which will certify them as Elijah Institute group moderators, who will help develop an international study network, focused around “Religious Genius”.
Join us for an in-depth, intimate and wisdom-full educational program, that features interfaith engagement at its best and provides you with tools to continue this engagement and a network for continuing collaboration.
The program will feature:
Dr. Alon Goshen-Gottstein (Religious Genius theory)
Peta Pellach Jones (methodology and tools)
Dr. Timothy Gianotti (Islam)
Prof. Anantand Rambachan (Hinduism)
Metropolitan Nikitas Lulias (Christianity)
Prof. Douglas Christie (Christianity)
Rabbi Meir Sendor (Judaism)
Dr. Vanessa Sasson (Buddhism)
(with some room for changes and updates)

The Post Parliament training will take place in Salt Lake City, immediately after the conclusion of the Parliament meeting, from October 20-23.
Cost – $300.
Please note: There is no external sponsorship for the program, which is therefore dependent on participant support. A limited number of partial scholarships is available in extreme cases.
Room and board are not included in this figure. Attractive rates have been arranged for us by the Parliament.
For further information, kindly contact