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The Culture of Peace: Change our world for the better in the Age of COVID-19

September 9, 2020

On September 10th, the Parliament of the World’s Religions joined the Global Movement For The Culture Of Peace following the 9th Annual High Level Forum on The Culture of Peace convened by the President of the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly on the theme, The Culture of Peace: Change our world for the better in the Age of COVID-19.

At the United Nations, there is a loosely knit consortium of representatives for civil society holding space for the synthesis of the sustained efforts of men and women of goodwill all around the planet who work, in many varied aspects, toward establishing right human relations with all that is above and below and from side to side for a lasting and sustaining peace.

The UN resolution for the Culture of Peace was adopted unanimously within the General Assembly on September 13, 1999. Since that time, a global movement for the culture of peace has steadily been increasingly recognized. The Global Movement For The Culture Of Peace is a group dedicated to this work.

This Thursday, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm EDT, watch at a statement by the President of the General Assembly and the UN Secretary-General as well as by the Member States. And from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm EDT, join a civil society gathering to build the culture of peace and collaborate with UN to implement its Programme of Action via Zoom.

Featuring Ms. Kehkashan Basu, Founder-President of Green Hope Foundation; Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former UN Under-Secretary-General and High Representative; Dr. Dot Maver, President of the National Peace Academy; Ambassador Mussie Hailu, Director of Global Partnership & Regional Director for Africa; Audrey Kitagawa, Chair of World Parliament of Religions; Dr. Saul Arbess, Director of Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI) Board; Ms.Tezekiah Gabriel, Executive Director of Pathways to Peace; Dr. Monica Sharma, Tata Chair Professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences for Transformational Leadership for Sustainability; Mr. Bill McCarthy, Founder and President of Unity Foundation; Ms. Vivian Gunsett Cecco, Teacher at Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano; Mr. Isaac Thomas, Youth Ambassador for South India/Sri Lanka Region for URI; Ms. Kasha Slavner, Documentary Filmmaker and Founder of the Global Sunrise Project; Ms. Ananda Young, Youth representative for NGOs at Peace Through Unity (PTU); Ms. Estela Tusanofsky, Pax Cultura Argentina; Ms. Anita Thomas, Chair of NGO Committee on Finance for Development of the Conference of NGOs (CONGO); Ms. Sarah Oliver, Global Youth Coordinator for URI; Ms. Xiye Bastida, Co-organizer of “Fridays for Future”; Ms. Magdalena Sartori, Business leader and Promoter of Sustainable Living; Ms. Aida Brdar, Peace organizer in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ms. Dikla Lev (Lavertovsky), Senior trainer and coach at Storytelling for Social Change; and Ms. Vanessa Valencia, early childhood peace educator and environmental author.