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Building at Ground Zero: Robert Thurman’s Suggestion

July 21, 2010

From The Washington Post

It is a wonderful idea to build a mosque near Ground Zero! A number of innocent Muslim people also lost their lives, as they were at work in those buildings. And since religious bigotry – intolerance, fanaticism, whatever you call it – was one of the causal factors underlying the despicable 9/11 suicide attack, religious intolerance or bigotry should not be mobilized to prevent a positive gesture from our Muslim brothers and sisters. In fact, not only should there be a mosque built there (the Trinity Church has an important Christian church there already), there should be a special institution dedicated to all World Religions, a sort of permanent Parliament of World Religions building dedicated to promoting inter-religious understanding and mutual tolerance and positive affirmation, in the spirit of “Never Again!” The New York based, long-standing, highly respected institution known as the “Temple of Understanding” would be delighted and capable of founding and operating such an institution. The City of New York and the developers of the Ground Zero memorials should take note of this.

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