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First Papal Monthly Prayer Video Seeks Love Between Faiths

January 15, 2016

News from a January 6 National Catholic Reporter story announced, “Pope Francis has released his first-ever video message for the traditional papal prayer intention for the month, movingly calling on people of different faiths around the world to work together for peace and justice.”
A Catholic trustee of the Parliament Board, Dr. Gianfranco Grande, sees this call to personal and societal transformative action as a true reflection of the Pope’s heart for all people, stating:
Pope Francis has repeatedly shown the world his desire to open doors to all of humanity, regardless an individual’s gender, social conditions, or faith tradition. His Holiness exemplifies “God is Love.” From this short video, it is clear that we all have a role to play in embracing peace and justice in a full and holistic way. “I believe in love” should be the unspoken mission statement of every faith tradition. His words here teach us that Francis not only believes in God, but in man and his capacity for love.

The Vatican’s english YouTube platform describes the pope’s video iniatiative will “assist in the dissemination of monthly intentions of the Holy Father related to the challenges facing humanity.”
Watch Pope Francis’s first YouTube video below and find motivation to share love with your brothers and sisters in humanity.