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Ma Jaya on the Beauty of Interfaith

March 28, 2015

by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
All the different religions of the world use different terms, yet they all are pointing to the Oneness in everyone’s heart.
As you begin to feel God or Goddess in your being don’t try to label the moment, just enjoy the feeling of God within you.
This is how you come to the mystical experience of God love, Divine love, Spiritual Love.
God will communicate Herself to you in many different ways.
The consciousness of the student does not need to be altered, just expanded with the silent moment of feeling God the Mother and God the Father.
When you contemplate on the different Forms of God you are opening all the avenues of mystical experience.
This is infused into the Soul and the dark night of the soul begins to disappear.
In contemplation on Mother Kashi, the whole world seems to light up with the beauty of this Ashram.
She is the reflection of the image of God in every Form.
Ordinary knowledge seems to have great meaning as one lives on an Ashram filled with mysticism.
It reaches right into the center of all our souls.
The Holy Spirit of Kashi comes alive in the moment of kindness toward another human being.
Serving others is a great mystical experience in itself.
I look forward to serving the silence as if it was a delicious meal, which it is.
Kashi, Kashi, Kashi.
How Great the Sacred City of Shiva truly is.
All paths and religions accepted and the Oneness of Kindness is practiced over and over.
Published with the Kashi Publishing’s permission.