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Parliament Trustee Reflects on “Embracing electoral reform’s spiritual strengths”

February 10, 2022
Image Source: Pool/Getty Images as shared in “Embracing electoral reform’s spiritual strengths

Parliament Trustee, Kaleb Nyquist, shared a special reflection on the electoral reform in The Fulcrum, a platform where insiders and outsiders to politics are informed, meet, talk, and act to repair our democracy and make it live and work in our everyday lives.

Entitled “Embracing electoral reform’s spiritual strengths“, the reflection highlights the importance of electoral reform and focusing the dialogue around this issue as not just “who votes” but “how we vote”.

In light of a political order increasingly unable to address difficult societal challenges, electoral reform advocates are pushing us to reimagine a core element of our democracy: the ballot. Their cause is just, but the movement’s technocratic messaging through graphs and game theory does not inspire the wider audiences needed to give their reforms social traction.

In order to appeal not only to the heads but also the hearts of voters, the electoral reform movement should start taking notes from champions of the voting rights movement.

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