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The Listener & The Knower

March 28, 2015

by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
This article was originally published in Karmic Spaces.
Are you ready to enter into that stage of  truly learning and keeping the essence of what you learnt to pass on to others, without anyone knowing you are teaching, or sharing, or both?
You become the listener as well as the knower.
I am both the listener and the knower like you are.
The more you listen, the more you end up knowing.
No one is higher, and no one is lower.
We are all on this journey through life, death bardo, and life once again, always listening and always knowing.
It becomes very exciting to be the listener.
There is so much to hear in a way of simplicity; therefore, so much to learn.
Pretend you are sitting on a park bench watching people pass.
You have to do this without judgment.
A person is walking slowly past you as you are sitting on the bench.
Look straight at the person’s spiritual heart chakra.
Try to feel what they are feeling without judgment.
Allow your own beating heart to merge with theirs.
You will feel your heart open or close, it does not matter.
Send a blessing to them.
Remember: do not judge, no matter what.
Do not judge their clothes or the way they walk – nothing.
Just sit there observing, listening, and perhaps knowing.
You will be able to see or feel if a person is filled with confidence or lacks confidence.
As they pass you, send a simple blessing of good will.
You will able to see what they feel, and you can begin to use your sensitive heart to understand that everyone has a heart.
Soon you will discover that you have a silent expansion that stretches as far as it can go.
When you look at someone without judgment, you become part of them and they you.
You pull yourself out of yourself.
You are a pure life force that posseses a genuine caring for everyone and everything.
Look all around you and see the life force in your body and the body of others.
This energy that you feel has you become a natural essence, or a person who cares about every one without judgment.
Soon you will begin to live your life as one who is listening and learning while filled with compassion.
This all takes practice, joy and love.
You become calm and peaceful, and your mind begins to relax.
You can learn to center yourself in your heart, and your intuition begins to grow.
The energy of your higher self is the ability to quiet your mind and to establish a certain calmness.
To do this you must go beyond judgment.
Your mind has a set point of rules that you are sure are right, and very few can make you feel different.
So getting back to that park bench, see yourself coming toward you.
Sit straight and remember: no judgment.
What do you feel?
It is hard to make an assessment.
After all this is you we are speaking of – or is it thousands and thousands of others?
Does it matter?
We are all one, and without judgment we are left with opinions – which eventually turn to what it truly is: INTUITION.
We are embracing love without judging one’s appearance or what one is thinking about.
You are embracing the emptiness that is in all of us.
Do not try to figure this out too much.
Just know as folks come toward you at any time in life, you are going to embrace the moment.
Yet you are learning to not judge yourself.
I am so excited about all this and myself, for you are learning unconditional love.
After all, you do not know the person coming into your moment and that person may or may not be you.
I love you all so very much.
Feel this love.
Be this love, and most of all become this love.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram
Published with the Kashi Publishing’s permission.