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Making Pakistan a Better Place Through Interfaith Harmony

Written by Shamim Mahmood
February 9, 2016

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan will become a better place to live if exchange of ideas keeps on taking place. There is not much difference in the original messages of love in all faiths. Synthesis of the philosophies of the genius, true lovers of humanity and Saint may bring heaven on the plant, said Jao Paulo Sabido Costa, the Charge’d Affairs Portugal in Pakistan. He was talking at the World Interfaith Harmony Week -2016 organized by REAP & Rah-e-Nijat Ministry. He said that whenever I hear the news of violence being committed in the name of God; I am absolutely repulsed at the carnage caused by the terrorists. The fact that the perpetrators espouse rhetoric linking their senseless murders to Islam disgusts me even further. Jononov Sherali, Ambassador of Republic of Tajikistan to Pakistan said that faith minorities living in Pakistan must enjoy safety and security unconditionally. He said Islam has issued severe warnings to those who infringe rights of minorities. The saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) urging Muslims to protect the rights of faith minorities should be enough for people and authorities should protect them and others to defend the rights of minorities against the terrorists, who do not represent any faith.
Earlier last year twin blasts rocked the Roman Catholic Church and Christ Church in Lahore and other killings of the Christian couple. Such violence meted out by individuals or a group of people is absolutely against Islam, and must not be tolerated, he added. Shamim Masih, President REAP and Ambassador of “Parliament of the World’s Religion” and Safdar Chaudhry mutually declared that religious motivated violence must be fought together and with passion. The fanatics – weather at home or abroad – must be brought to justice, but that can only be done if people of multi-beliefs are united against them. Ideologies cannot be simply bombed but they need to be replaced with alternatives. The terrorists are killing people indiscriminately – their only aim is to cause chaos, devastation and bloodshed. Such violent actions are far removed from the teachings of any religious leader, he added.
People of faith must continue to defend the faith and liberties of each other. The cycle of hate and counter-hate, violence and counter-violence needs breaking, said Sadia Hayat Khan, the Actor, Producer and Anchor. She produced a documentary “Mein be Pakistan Hon” asking equal rights and opportunities for all. We must act as our brother’s keeper and put the principle of “love thy neighbor” preached by all religions, into a living reality. This is the only way that we can restrain the terrorists destroying the peace and harmony amongst the creation of God. And this real message to promote harmony.
People from all faiths (Hindu and Sikh) believed to stand and go along together for the prosperity of the country. Representatives from all walks of life attended the event and appreciated the effort to promote harmony & better understanding.