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Religica Response to a Changing Climate

Written by Tatiana Brailovskaya
September 24, 2019

The Religica climate response website is now live ( I strongly recommend it as the most comprehensive climate website available. Please use it extensively and share it widely.

Religica Response to a Changing Climate addresses every aspect of the climate challenge in a way that is scientifically sound and  yet accessible to almost everyone. It provides an engaging narrataive ofhow we got to this crises and what we — especiall we as people of faith — can do about it. Without minimizing the challenge we face, it focuses on how we can understand and change our behavior, and act immediately and effectively to create a sustainable and just world. The Parliament, through the Climate Action Task Force (CATF), has partnered with Religica from its beginning, and — thanks to the generosity of Trustee and CATF leader Manohar Singh Grewal — provided essential financial support at a critical time to enable the development of Religica. This website is a perfect companion to the Parliament’s Climate Commitment Project (, and was developed in concert.

Pariament Trustee and CATF leader Michael Trice envisioned and led the creation of Religica and the development of this marvelous resource. Michael and his team have created a resource that will help us shape our future together. The work, thought, and wisdom of literally hundreds of scientists and climate advocates are now available through this single website.

A special note about the Climate Action Task Force: CATF’s work over the past two years helped provide the foundation for the Religica Response site. CATF’s efforts, especially the Climate Action Program in Toronto in 2018, has given inspiration and substance to this breakthrough accomplishment.

I encourage you to spend time of the Religica Response to a Changing Climate website, and to share it with all your climate action partners — and with everyone you love.

— David Hales, Parliament Trustee and Chair, Climate Action Task Force

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