The Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue Initiative

The Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue on Climate Change is an initiative of the Parliament's Climate Action Task Force

The Dialogue proposes that as we confront the climate crisis, it is critical to explore what it means to be Catholic and Buddhist. What aspects of these traditions contribute to factors that imperil life on the planet? Just as important, how might these traditions enable us to realize our highest human potential, the deep expression of compassion and love for each other, especially the most vulnerable among us — human and non-human — who bear the brunt of the suffering?​​​​​​​

The Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue has connected hundreds of Buddhists and Catholics around the world in a series of webinars and retreats.

Who Are We?

We are the Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue on Climate Change, an initiative of the Parliament of the World's Religions dedicated to Solidarity and care for our Common Home.

What Do We Do?

We inspire and facilitate reflection, conversation and action relating to the shared impact of climate change.

How Do We Do It?

By connecting and energizing our respective followers worldwide, we emphasize climate change dialogue through a Spiritual and Compassionate perspective.

Why Do We Do It?

Grounded in our respective faiths, we believe transformational change is possible by demonstrating a global alliance and shared caring for our common home.

It's Time to Talk

The Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue on Climate Change proudly presents It’s Time to Talk, a social media campaign that very simply asks: What is it of your Buddhist or Catholic tradition that compels you to confront the climate crisis?

The campaign endeavors to engage those who identify with these two traditions to connect with the heart of their religions as a catalyst to respond to the existential threat of the climate crisis. That is but the first step of It’s Time to Talk.

We envision this conversation growing exponentially and we need you to make that happen.

The It’s Time to Talk initiative incorporates social media to inspire Buddhists and Catholics to join an ongoing dialogue that manifests the prophetic voices of these traditions and that nurtures the courage to act.

We are inviting you to create your own videos and to submit them to become to be added to the It’s Time to Talk social media campaign. In the videos we invite you to speak to your sense of what it is about your tradition — Buddhist or Catholic — that compels you to confront the climate crisis and to speak to your sense of prophetic voice.   

And to extend the invitation for others to do so as well. And don’t hesitate to let your creative spirits soar. 

If you are Buddhist you are welcome to invite a Catholic you might know to join in, and if you are Catholic to invite a Buddhist to join you in a video. Or it could be a Buddhist with a Buddhist, a Catholic with a Catholic, or a Buddhist or Catholic with whomever. 

Once a video is ready for publishing you can share it in two ways to engage with the It's Time to Talk social media campaign.

1. Share a downloadable link to an .mp4 or .mov file with our team at, our team will publish on the Parliament's YouTube channel and share it across social media platforms with the appropriate hashtags

2. Upload the video on your personal or organizational social media channel with the hashtags #ItsTimetoTalk and #buddhistcatholicdialogue and tag the Parliament on Twitter/Instagram @interfaithworld and Facebook @B.C.Dialogue

Be sure to explore the hashtag #ItsTimetoTalk and join the conversation across social media channels.

It's Time to Talk, Join the Conversation!

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