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Coming Soon: The Climate Commitments Project Web Hub

February 27, 2019

At the Parliament of the World’s Religions, sustainability and concern for the environment – including climate change – have been integral to our mission since our founding. For close to a year, the Parliament team under the leadership of our Climate Action Task Force and Director of Climate Action, Joshua Basofin, has been developing the Climate Commitments Project. This is a new effort within the Parliament’s Climate Action Program to coordinate and strengthen interfaith and faith-based climate commitment campaigns. The project officially launched in November at the Toronto Convening. And soon we will launch the project’s virtual space, a web hub made possible with the support of a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and private donors.
Leaders of nearly every religion have called upon individuals to recognize the science of climate change, rededicate ourselves to the Earth as our planetary home, and pledge to address climate change as the greatest threat to our future. As people of faith and conscience, we are committed to heed this call.
According to Joshua Basofin, the Parliament’s Director of Climate Action, “we have everything we need to decarbonize. But we must change our mindset. It is a matter of appealing to the billions of people affiliated with faith traditions around the world to commit themselves – not from a place of judgment, but a place of compassion and solidarity.
The ability of faith communities to effect change in the world is immense. What if we could connect all these commitments to confront climate change from around the world? What could we accomplish if
we were all united in this universal goal?
The Climate Commitments Project is doing just that. Our web hub will launch in spring 2019.
Designed to connect our interfaith community and unite us in the fight against climate change, this unique internet resource will have four areas:
Explore – A system map illustrating the universe of faith-based climate commitments around the world.
Collaborate – A forum for connecting and sharing with other like-minded organizations.
Assess – Metrics and guideposts of success shared by climate commitment practitioners for the
Celebrate – The joy of service to the environment, inspired by our faith traditions and festivals.
Stay tuned for the official launch of our web hub! Read more about the Parliament’s climate work on our blog and consider donating to support our ongoing work.