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It’s Time to Talk — the Dialogue Continues

July 24, 2022

The Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue on Climate Change welcomes you back to It’s Time to Talk, a dialogue grounded in deep listening. We will continue to focus on the question: What is it of our traditions — Buddhist and Catholic — that compels us to confront the climate crisis?

This dialogue invites us to come together in a space of prayer, contemplation, meditation, and sharing, from which we will realize our prophetic voice— the voice that sees clearly the systemic causes of climate destruction and life on earth and calls for not only a radical shift in human behavior to end the madness, but also to manifest our traditions’ imperative toward compassion to respond to the suffering.

Join us in listening and speaking from the heart of our traditions. We will gather in a space of silence to reflect on our central question, allowing everyone to share how they feel as they feel called to do so and deeply listen to each speaker.

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