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Join Parliament in Signing Interfaith Climate Change Statement Going to United Nations Secretary General at Paris Agreement Ceremony

April 8, 2016

The Parliament invites all individuals and organizations in joining us to endorse an Interfaith Climate Change Statement being delivered to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the signing of the Paris agreement statement ceremony. 
A working group leading the coalition includes international interfaith organizations, as well as advocacy organizations representing religious and faith groups working on environmental justice issues, and has been convened through the outstanding joint efforts of GreenFaith and OurVoices. The statement summarizes the consensus of spiritual and religious approaches to climate change advocacy and seeks to endorse the immediate implementation of actions agreed upon in Paris at the COP21 conference in 2015:
“Ahead of the Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony at the United Nations Headquarters on 22nd April 2016, as religious and spiritual leaders, we stand together to urge all Heads of State to promptly sign and ratify the Paris Agreement.
Caring for the Earth is our shared responsibility. Each one of us has a “moral responsibility to act,” as so powerfully stated by the Pope’s Encyclical and in the climate change statements by Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and other faith leaders [1]. The planet has already passed safe levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Unless these levels are rapidly reduced, we risk creating irreversible impacts putting hundreds of millions of lives, of all species, at severe risk. The challenges ahead require honesty and courage and we all must take action to reduce emissions.”

Please visit here to sign as an individual, group, or organization. Please also add your name to the Parliament’s Embracing Our Common Future: An Interfaith Call to Action on Climate Change.