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Parliament Members Rewatch 2018 Keynote Addresses to Celebrate 2018 Parliament Anniversary and Report Release

November 2, 2020

The week of November 1st through November 8th marks the second anniversary of the 2018 Parliament in Toronto. Parliament members will join Parliament Task Force Chairs and Staff for a special member exclusive rewatch in celebration of the anniversary. The rewatch features a significant keynote from the Women’s, Climate Action, and Countering War, Hate & Violence Assemblies.

The rewatch will feature a brief introduction from a Parliament representative, a rebroadcast of the keynote, and a brief closing that allows attendees to ask questions and reflect on the importance of the keynote.

Tuesday, Nov 3

Rewatch the Women’s Assembly keynote address from Bani Dugal, with discussion hosted by Co-Chairs of the Women’s Task Force, Elizabeth Ursic and Dolly Dastoor


Wednesday, Nov 4

Rewatch the Climate Action Assembly keynote address from Christiana Figueres, with discussion hosted by Director of Climate Action, Joshua Basofin


Friday, Nov 6

Rewatch the Countering War, Hate & Violence Assembly keynote address from PL de Silva, with discussion by Chair of the Countering War, Hate & Violence Task Force, Bruce Knotts