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Parliament Partner Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology Launches New Website

May 6, 2020

The Parliament and its Climate Action Task Force (CATF) are delighted to announce today the launch of a new website for the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology (FORE), one of its key organizational partners. FORE has been a leading organization in the faith-based environmental movement and has pioneered the academic field of Religion and Ecology. Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, Co-founders and Co-directors of FORE, are members of CATF and have been extensively involved in creating programs on Earth care and sustainability in every Parliament Convening since 1993.

The Parliament’s Climate Action Task Force is honored to be mentioned as a FORE partner on the new website’s landing page, along with the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Faith for Earth Initiative,  Laudato Si’, and the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative (IRI), in which the Parliament is a founding Partner along with FORE.
The Forum is also announcing its new partnership with UNEP’s Faith for Earth Initiative, directed by UNEP Senior Principal Advisor Iyad Abumoghli, who is committed to highlighting the moral and spiritual contributions of the world’s religions, engaging the global environmental crisis, and facilitating mobilization by faith communities.  UNEP is a world leader on environmental issues, and its partnership with FORE will bring science and policy research together with the perspectives of religion and ethics.

Dr. Abumoghli writes: “Faith for Earth has agreed with the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology to unite efforts and strengthen one knowledge platform, building on the vast and extensive work of the Forum over the past two decades.” Read the release from UNEP here.

The Parliament established its own partnership with UNEP in 2019 and is working with the Faith for Earth Initiative, with important assistance from FORE, on the forthcoming book Faith for Earth: A Call to Action, a revised and updated edition of Earth and Faith, which UNEP published in 2000, also with involvement by FORE.
The Forum on Religion and Ecology has long been the “go to” website for matters relating to religion and the environment. Its wealth of resources ranges from overview essays and annotated bibliographies, to statements, engaged projects, and sacred texts of the world’s religions. It also has sections on the climate emergency and on the encyclical of Pope Francis Laudato Si’. It includes links to a new multimedia project and to the Emmy Award winning film, Journey of the Universe. The website is now even more accessible, as the updated layout is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

FORE is pleased to share news, events, and publications that are related to the intersection of religion and the environment in its monthly Forum newsletter. Feel free to contact FORE at with relevant details and sign up for the newsletter here.