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Right to a Healthy Environment Global Coalition Wins UN Human Rights Prize

July 20, 2023

The Parliament of  the World’s Religions is a proud member of the Global Coalition of Civil Society, Indigenous Peoples, Social Movements, and Local Communities for the Universal Recognition of the Human Right to a Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Environment, which today was awarded the United Nations Human Rights Prize.

The UN Human Rights Prize is awarded once every five years to several recipients at a time. This year is the first time that it has been granted to a global coalition. The prize will be presented in New York on December 10, which also marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, making this recognition even more special.

The Coalition states “This achievement was only possible thanks to tireless efforts that began decades ago and resulted in thousands of people from all across the globe joining forces to achieve a milestone: the recognition by the United Nations of the human right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment. First and foremost, the award highlights the importance of collaborating to advance the much-needed protection of our planet and fulfillment of human rights. Alone, no organization, movement, or person would have been able to achieve the universal recognition of the right to a healthy environment. Together, a diverse global coalition made this a reality.”

David Hales, Chair of Climate Action at the Parliament, states, “The recognition of the Right to a Healthy Environment makes it clear that the well-being of humans cannot be separated from the well-being of the natural world. All human rights – including the rights of future generations – can only be fully realized when the natural systems which sustain life are cherished and access for all to the blessings of creation are guaranteed.”