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WebForum is an online “conversation” addressing current topics that are shaping actions and decisions about Earth’s changing climate. Join us here to discuss significant issues and developments in the climate action community. Each topic begins with a feature essay from an interfaith climate leader, followed by responses to the essay by several panelists from the field. Comments from readers help us continue the conversation.

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Climate Action Task Force WebForum

Tools to Guide Congregations and Communities Through the Energy Transition

Transitioning society’s energy systems is a critical step for all countries in decarbonizing. Luckily, we have all the technologies we need to take this step. A 2018 report by the Energy Innovation think tank found that wind and solar technologies are now cheaper than 74 percent of coal costs in the United States, and this percentage is projected to keep rising. The same trend is also evident in a number of other industrialized nations, including India, China, Germany, and Japan.