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Standing with the Halle Community and Countering Anti-Semitism

October 10, 2019

The Parliament of the World’s Religions unequivocally condemns the monstrous anti-Semitic attack carried out in Halle, Germany on Thursday, October 10. The abhorrent attack carried out on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, left two people dead and a community traumatized.
The Parliament stands with the global Jewish community, the Halle community and the victims affected by this terror attack.
The recent increase of violent attacks on places of worship and sacred spaces is a grave concern for all who aspire for peace. The Parliament of the World’s Religions remains committed to a culture of non-violence and respect for life, as agreed upon on our signature document Towards A Global Ethic.
“All people have a right to life, safety, and the free development of  personality insofar as they do not injure the rights of others. No one has the right physically or psychically to torture, injure, much less kill, any other human being. And no people, no state, no race, no religion has the right to hate, to discriminate against, to ‘cleanse,’ to exile, much less to liquidate a ‘foreign’ minority which is different in behaviour or holds different beliefs.”

– Towards A Global Ethic: A Declaration of the Parliament of the World’s Religions
We stand firmly with the Halle community and communities affected by these tragedies around the world.
We invite the global interfaith movement and individuals of faith and conscience to remain committed in the fight against anti-Semitism.
Explore resources available on the fight against anti-Semitism at the Anti-Defamation League and U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.