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World Peace Concert

March 6, 2023

On Sunday, March 5th Musicians for the Greater Good hosted a benefit concert in support of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. The World Peace Concert featured leading musicians from different countries, drawing attention to the need for a peaceful resolution to the many conflicts going on across the globe; such as the conflicts between Ukraine and Russia and Palestine and Israel; the conflicts within different African countries such as Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo;  conflicts within countries in Asia and the Middle East such as Myanmar, Syria, and  Yemen; conflicts in Eastern Europe such as the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo; domestic unrest in Latin American countries such as Peru and Venezuela; and the cold wars between China and the United States, Russia, and the West to name just a few.

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Featured Musicians:

  • Ron Israel is the MGG co-founder and has been writing songs since he was 12 about life, love, and social justice.
  • Sunita Stabeslow  taught blind Palestinians near the city of Nablus and worked with Israelis of all ages. Sunita has crossed cultural barriers with music.
  • Steve Azzaro is the director, arranger, and composer for ANYTHING GOES, a trio featuring Steve, Marian Bairstow, and Bob Lee. When Ukraine was invaded, Steve was moved to write SLAVA I SVOBODA UKRAINE (Glory and Freedom for Ukraine) as a tribute for all who cherish freedom and have to struggle to maintain their freedom, dedicated to the people of Ukraine.
  • Larisa Pastuchiv has been playing the Ukrainian bandura since age 7. In the historic tradition of bandura-playing being passed from generation to generation, she was taught to play by her bandurist father who immigrated to the US from Ukraine and established a Bandura School in NY.
  • Balla Kouyate was born in Mali and raised in the Djeli tradition. Today, the first balafon, over 1000 years old, remains in his family. It is considered a UNESCO Artifact of Oral and Intangible History.
  • Mary Ann McAllister was singing as soon as she could talk: her first word was “downtown”. Since raising her family of musicians, she has returned to her own music career, first earning a vocal performance music degree and studying classical guitar.
  • Stephen Martin is an MGG co-founder and lifelong activist, having been arrested during three direct actions.
  • Mike Delaney is a MGG member and environmental crusader. He is a Boston-area singer-songwriter and part of the music group
    “The Tritones”, with Karen Sauer and Chris Lee.
  • Tom Maynard is a singer-songwriter from the Greater Boston area. He has been writing and performing in the local music scene for 20+ years.
  • Junko Ogawa was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan,  and is a singer-songwriter who plays the piano and guitar, and sings in English and Japanese.
  • Lesya (Oleksandra) Bakun is a polyglot poet and non-formal educator who resides in Ukraine.
  • Michelle Abadia is a soprano vocalist and acoustic guitarist, as well as an instructor of Spanish, French and English as a second language.
  • David Ippolito is a playwright who has made his living for the past 30+ years as a singer/songwriter known to hundreds of thousands of people as “That Guitar Man from Central Park”.
  • Neal Braverman is an MGG member, a Singer-Songwriter, and the Founder of Roslindale Open Mike (ROM).