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Parliament of the World’s Religions Reaches #ACommunityThrives Fundraising Challenge Goal

Written by Emma Carr
August 25, 2022

Between July 18 and August 12, the Parliament of the World’s Religions participated in A Community Thrives, an online fundraising challenge and grantmaking program sponsored by USA Today Network and the Gannett Foundation. The Parliament’s goal was to raise $6,000 in donations through the campaign. Generous supporters of the Parliament helped reach and surpass that goal with a total of $6,683 donated.

By meeting its fundraising challenge goal, the Parliament now qualifies for consideration of $100,000 grant from Gannett Foundation to support the work of the 2023 Chicago Parliament Convening and bring the PoWR of interfaith to the Chicago community.

Over 700 organizations participated in this year’s A Community Thrives challenge, more than 24,000 unique donors supported the participating organizations, and a total of over $3.1 million was donated to support community-building projects. Gannett Foundation will be awarding over $2,000,000 in grants to select participating causes.

Throughout the campaign, the Parliament emphasized why it believes that interfaith dialogue and action help build thriving communities. The Parliament believes that communities thrive when…

…there is increased understanding and cooperation among the world’s religious and spiritual communities

…religious communities commit to the ending of war, hate, and violence; the elimination of poverty and reduction of inequality; and the reversal of climate change and environmental degradation

…the unique contributions of religion and spirituality are recognized by and available to the broader society

…the wisdom, effort, social capital, and resources of religious and spiritual communities are brought to bear on critical issues facing the global community

…religious and spiritual communities partner with guiding institutions in working for a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.