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Parliament Trustee Participates in 33rd International Unity Conference

March 11, 2020

Image courtesy of Science of Spirituality

On February 5th through 6th, Parliament Trustee and Chief Executive Officer for Science of Spirituality, NGO with ECOSOC at the United Nations, Dr. Renee Mehrra participated in the 33rd International Human Unity Conference.
Hosted in Delhi, India, under the guidance of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, the conference was attended by thousands of people from all parts of the globe. The aim of the Human Unity Conference is to help humanity realize that “we are soul, which is a part of God; and, as such, we are connected with each other by the inner divine thread of love despite the outer differences of caste, culture, and creed.

The conference provided a common platform to different religious and spiritual leaders to share their views on how to foster love, unity, and peace in the world. This year’s International Human Unity Conference focused mainly on the question of how to live an ideal life, and what can be learned from the divine wisdom of the saints.

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