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Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele is the CEO & Principal of Aina-Nia Learning Journey Inc. is often referred to  as “A transformative leader and change maker.” She is unapologetically on a mission to influence institutions and individuals to create bold and meaningful change through a  decolonized approach to leadership as a means to equity, inclusion, reparation, and reconciliation.

Aina-Nia is a leadership coach, author and ancient wisdom teacher and considers herself a  Spiritual Liberation Activist. She is known for masterfully integrating her spiritual and corporate expertise in all the ways she serves, to create transformational impacts. She is a Yoruba priest  and is initiated in various other ancient wisdom traditions including Akan.

In 2018, Aina-Nia established North America’s first government sanctioned strategy and permanent office to address anti-Black racism and was the lead consultant on the creation of the Toronto Action Plan to Confront Anti-Black Racism. She led in the development of the  COVID Equity plan on Community Engagement & Mobilization for Vaccine Equity, including the establishment of the Black Scientists’ Taskforce for Vaccine Equity, Toronto Youth Vaccination  Advisory, and the Accessibility Taskforce.

Since her retirement from public service at the City of Toronto to continue her public works,  Aina-Nia has been supporting leaders and institutions to play their role in advancing social justice that enables wholesome spaces for their clients and staff. Her processes are creating meaningful impacts in the social services, arts, healthcare, education, government, and private spheres.

She is a well sought-after public speaker and author who has presented to academic, corporate,  Faith and civil society audiences across North America, Caribbean, and Ghana. Aina-Nia is known for inspiring action through her masterful delivery whether as speaker, coach, teacher,  facilitator, or consultant. She is known for transforming you almost immediately.

Over a decade ago she founded Sacred Women International and the life transformational  process, Sacred Leaders Training™ which has been transforming individuals, families, and communities. Aina-Nia is often called on to consult on issues of institutional culture change,  gender and racial equity, and African indigenous practices. She has also been featured in  various documentaries and learning podcasts on these issues. In 2018, she sat on the historic working group for the development of the Indigenous Peoples Program at the Parliament of  World Religions global gathering of 10,000 delegates in Toronto.

For her trailblazing work and the sterling contributions, Aina-Nia was honored with a Lifetime  Advocacy Award in February 2022. In 2018, she was named one of the 100 Most Accomplished  Black Canadian Women prior to which she was nominated as 100 Women to Watch in 2017.  The Ontario government recognized her for her contributions to the community and was nominated as one of Toronto’s Most Inspiring Women in 2008 and in 2022 she was honored through the Black Women In Leadership exhibition in Toronto. Aina-Nia was also recognized as  one of Jamaica’s 58 Best, honoring the country’s 58th Independence.

Her book SELF: An Inner Journey to Re-Membering Your Power was released in 2021 and is on second print. A documentary about Aina-Nia’s work is featured in the film Remembering Her  Power. The film premiered at the 2018 Parliament of World Religions in Toronto and has been a  featured documentary on Global Africa Television Network as well as the LA’s PTA film festival  2020.