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Gaurav Ajmera

Born in January 2002 in a Jain family, Gaurav is a son of Nitin & Shefali Ajmera and is a 1st generation American Citizen to parents of Indian origin. He is one of the few Indian males, who have taken up Indian Classical dance form as their passion and drive to carry forward the torch of traditions and culture.

Gaurav has been learning Indian Classical Dance from the tender age of 8. Initially, it was difficult to find a dance teacher that would teach Indian Classical Dance to a male student. Eventually, request was made to Guru Shri Jamunaji Mitcham, who then agreed to take him as his disciple in 2010.

10 years later, Gaurav has matured into a fine young man, from tender legs to stomping feet, from closed fists to open mudras, from penguin shoulders to broad arms, from demi eyes to passionate looks, from closed lips to broad smiles. His journey is a true testament of intense devotion, tireless hard work, stern commitment and sweats and tears of numerous hours of learning and growing.

Gaurav completed his dance graduation in 2018 at United Palace Theater in front of 1500 attendees. A 2.5 hour show has mesmerized many and given hope to many young dancers. Since then Gaurav has performed at the Convention of a Parliament of World Religions at Toronto in 2018; on live Indian television in 2019; a Jaina – Biennial Convention of Jain Community; and at various fund raising and cultural events.

Gaurav graduated from Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School in Brookville in 2020, is a Valedictorian for the class and received 6 awards as a graduating senior this year. He was the captain of varsity soccer team; captain of Mathletes and was President of School?s Student Government Body. Gaurav did his primary education from Maria Montessori School in Levittown, NY. Gaurav plans to study corporate law and is starting his undergraduate in Economics and Statistics at University of Chicago this Fall.

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