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Khalil Sayegh

Khalil Sayegh is a Palestinian Christian, born and raised in the Gaza Strip. His deep-rooted passion for peace and justice in Palestine/Israel has driven him to work tirelessly in facilitating dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

Inspired by his Christian faith, Khalil actively engages in interfaith dialogue, seeking to foster understanding and harmony among different religious communities. His commitment to promoting peaceful coexistence extends beyond borders. Khalil’s expertise and insights on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, religious interfaith dialogue, and religious freedom have taken him around the globe. He has delivered impactful speeches on these subjects, including at the prestigious Oslo Freedom Forum.

Previously, Khalil served as a Senior Research Fellow and an Advocacy Fellow at the Philos Project, where he made significant contributions to the scholarly discourse surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Currently, he holds a position on the US Friends of Roots board, an organization dedicated to grassroots initiatives for coexistence.

Driven by his vision for a better Middle East, Khalil is actively working on founding the Agora Initiative, a non-profit organization aiming to promote a new political discourse centered on liberal democratic principles. Through this initiative, he seeks to create an environment where democratic values can flourish in the region, fostering stability, justice, and mutual respect.

Khalil holds a Master’s Degree in Comparative Politics from American University in Washington, D.C., and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Bethlehem Bible College. His academic background, combined with his practical experience and unwavering dedication, positions him as a powerful advocate for peace and justice in Palestine/Israel.

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