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Most Respected Muni Shri 108 Praman Sagar Ji Maharaj

Munishree 108 Pramanasagar ji Maharaj, who shows the living form of the utterance of ‘Yatha Naam and Gunah’, is a worthy disciple of Yuga Sagar Sant Shiromani Acharya Shri 108 Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj. His deep-serious knowledge, innocent-selfless behavior and easy-going personality, the personality automatically draws the person towards himself. His unique feature is his simple and succinct presentation of esoteric and monotonous subjects like religion and philosophy. They take the element of knowledge and present it in the form of philosophy. He has presented the practice of life in a useful form, freeing it from the traditional complexities. This is the reason that once one who comes under the purview of his discussion and practice, being overwhelmed by him, becomes his own. There is ooze and charm in the voice of Munishree. They express their point of view very easily and simply. His speech makes the body healthy, the mind cool, sinks into the heart of the audience. On hearing the name of Munishree, every person yearns for the taste of his voice.

Today Munishree Pramanasagar ji is known as a skilled writer, eloquent speaker, intense thinker and authentic saint. The program ‘Shanka Samadhan’ promoted by Munishree has given him a new identity. They unravel the complexities of life in an instant. He is such a Jain saint, who is most heard / seen daily in more than a hundred countries of the world through various media. Munishree has made the younger generation and material mentality religious oriented by modern interpretation of the ancient.

In the case of Santhara/Sallekhna, the praiseworthy and praiseworthy work done by Pujya Muni Shri in the form of ‘Dharma Bachao Andolan’ for the protection and promotion of Jainism is worth remembering. You live the idea of all beings’ welfare and happiness. The culmination of this idea of yours is reflected in the form of ‘Jain Census’ and ‘Bhavna Yoga’. Where the work of ‘Jain census’ is an utterance of Pujyashri’s simple devotion, then ‘Bhavna Yoga’ is the expression of feelings towards the living being.

Bhavna Yoga – The name of the modern application that makes the body healthy, the mind cool and the soul pure – ‘Bhavna Yoga’. Through this we can reveal the infinite powers hidden in our soul. This is the same ancient scientific method of meditation, which Jain sages have been doing their welfare by adopting it for crores of years. With its reverent regular use, we can bring about a radical change in life by purifying the soul, increasing the purification of consciousness.