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GainPeace: A Project of ICNA Chicago

GAINPEACE is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to educate the general public about Islam and to clarify many misconceptions they may hold.

To this effect, GainPeace has initiated a toll-free telephone line, 1-800-662-ISLAM, where anyone can call between 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, and ask questions related to Islam, request for a visit to the Mosque and order free Quran and Islamic literature.

GainPeace has a series of speakers who are available to speak and discuss various topics related to the faith of Islam.  Islamic information booths, message about Islam buses, billboards, trains, radio and TV stations by GainPeace are additional venues for sharing the teaching of Islam with our fellow citizens.

Those who are new to Islam, converts to Islam, are provided educational, social, spiritual and moral support. Classes for new Muslims are held by GainPeace in various cities in the USA.  For more information about GainPeace and its activities please contact

GainPeace works under the umbrella of Islamic Circle of North America.