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Parliament Members

Parliament members are a crucial foundation of support for the Parliament, providing general support to our ongoing operations through annual contributions.

Members at the Sustaining and Cornerstone levels are acknowledged publicly, unless they opt to be anonymous

Cornerstone Members
Cornerstone Member badge

Nitin Ajmera

Nirmala Bothra

David Hales

Frank Jameson

Liz Mirante

Suzanne Morgan

Kusumita Pedersen

Buck Tarpley

Theo M.A. van Wijk

Sustaining Members
Sustaining Member badge

Debra Boudreaux

Fred Coleman

Helen Cooluris

John Davidoff

Larry Greenfield

Manohar Grewal

Isabelle Gunning

Sidney Helbraun

Laurel Kearns

Shirley Knight

Peggy Little

Charles McDonald

Robert P Sellers

Thomas Cody Swift