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Winners of the 2023 H.M. King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize Announced

March 22, 2023

On March 21st, the World Interfaith Harmony Week initiative announced the winners of the 2023 H.M. King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize. The World Interfaith Harmony Week is based on UNGA Resolution A/65/PV.34 for a worldwide week of interfaith harmony. It was proposed in 2010 by HM King Abdullah II and HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan.

Since 2011, thousands of interfaith organizers have joined the global observance of UN World Interfaith Harmony Week on the first week of February and been eligible for the H.M. King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize, established in 2013 to recognize the three best events organized which best promote the goals of the World Interfaith Harmony Week.

The initiative reports that 120 reports were submitted out of over 1,000 events organized in 2023, an effort highly appreciated by the , “The judges are highly appreciative of all the efforts of all those who held events and applied for the prize. They wish they could reward all who held an event, but are consoled by the fact that good deeds are their own reward so that everyone who held an event—whether they applied for the prize or not—is a true winner.”

The Parliament of the World’s Religions shares its deep-felt congratulations to the prize winners and all organizers of the 2023 observance. Learn more about the World Interfaith Harmony Week initiative and how you can get involved next year at

The 2023 H.M. King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize Winners

First Prize – Ethiopia

Ethiopia Interfaith Forum for Development Dialogue and Action (EIFDDA)

Ethiopia has been facing various challenges including intra-religious intolerance which is leading to increased instances of violent confrontation. There is an increase in interreligious violence in areas across the country including violence targeting the construction of specific places of worship or during religious celebrations and there is also limited interaction between different faith group’s that fuels mistrust and other many problems. Learn more>

Second Prize – Denmark

Cross-cultural Ministry of Kolding Deanery in cooperation with the Office of Migrant Cooperation and Encounter with Other Religions of the Haderslev Diocese

variety of events held for people of different cultures, including many refugees, focusing on the central message of the WIHW, Love of God or the Good, and Love of the Neighbour. Events ranged from language classes, discussions and support of WIHW, artistic exhibition in a public library, food sharing, women workshops; faith representatives speaking to school children. Learn more>

Joint Third Prize – Cameroon & United Kingdom

Afrogiveness Movement & Positive Youth Africa

Over fifty young Cameroonians from different religious and cultural backgrounds were trained by Afrogiveness movement, on interfaith harmony , fight against hate speech, and mediation. The young participants were fortified and certified in a fraternity and capacity-building workshop for Cameroon youth peace-building advocates, organized in Yaoundé on Thursday February 2, 2023. The workshop which marked the beginning of Afrogiveness’ activities for the celebration of World Interfaith Harmony week. Learn more>

Oxford Interfaith Forum

8 lectures and seminars organised by the Oxford Interfaith Forum in honour of WIHW 2023. Opening was with the celebration of the WIHW by a joint event focused in Peacebuilding and Religious Education. This was the first transatlantic collaboration between the Oxford Interfaith Forum (UK) and the Academy for Judaic, Christian, and Islamic Studies (USA) with the participation of Professor Dr theol. Johannes Lähnemann, Chairman Emeritus for the Peace Education Standing Commission (PESC) of the international movement Religions for Peace (RfP), Member of the Round Table of Religions in Germany, and Founder of the ‘Nuremberg Forums’. Learn more>