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Observance on the Conservation of Tropical Forests Calls for Unity and Action

July 1, 2020

“BRAVO! Beautiful…Brilliant…stirring deeply naturally the essence of our BELONGING to The Land and each other.”
– Broadcast Viewer #1

On Friday, June 26th the Parliament of the World’s Religions, in partnership with the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative (IRI) and the Jane Goodall Institute, broadcasted an engaging program in observance of the International Day for the Conservation of Tropical Forests. Highlighting the Interfaith Rainforest initative and featuring the participation of Jane Goodall Institute Founder & UN Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall; Senior Advisor, Forests & Climate, UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Charles Ian McNeill; Parliament Chair, Audrey Kitagawa; and Former UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, the broadcast emphasized the importance of protecting the planets forests.

As the featured experts shared, the destruction of tropical rainforests and the abuses carried out against these ecosystems directly impact indgenous communites, communities of color, and the the world at large. Pandemics like COVID-19 and human rights violations will only grow worse if no action is taken. While the observance of this critical day, hosted as part of World UNITY Week, is important so is the critical commitment to sustainability by our guiding institutions, our communities, and our selves.
Enjoy the full broadcast below.

With more than 8,000+ views, the messages from these observances continue to inspire individuals around the world. Enjoy some of our favorite comments from the broadcast below!

“Thank you for inviting us to view the International Day For The Conservation Of Tropical Forests – Highlighting the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative. We just bought Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” book for our children.  It is a story about deforestation.  So the YouTube video was very appropriate for our kids.
The video was so beautiful.  We must take care of our planet Earth for our future and preserve what God created.”
– Broadcast Viewer #2

“The connection to the COVID 19 pandemic was terrific and highlights the fact we now collectively have a chance to reconsider our ways in a post-covid world. Let us not go back to the old destructive behaviour but rather look for a more sustainable and all-embracing way forward. It is perhaps not surprising that injustice is often associated with destructive practices. The attacks on Indigenous peoples the world over must be over-turned and the future needs equity for Indigenous peoples and we need the products of their outstanding management and protection of our tropical forests.”
– Broadcast Viewer #3

“Thank you for sharing the beautiful video on the Tropical Forests and how important it is to protect it for future generations.  Thank you to Jane Goodall, [Charles] Ian McNeill and Victoria Tauli-Corpuz’s participation in this video.
We have an important responsibility to do our part by using only what we need, recycling and helping to keep our environment safe and clean.  These are core values that we must continue to do in our daily lives.”
– Broadcast Viewer #4

“Thank You for the message of hope.  In the midst of a pandemic, this broadcast is a shining beacon of hope and love. It is informative and impactful in resources and mustering of all that gives means and meaning to living peacefully in harmony with all living things.”
– Broadcast Viewer #5

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