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Engaging the Spiritual Lives of Generation Z: Stories from the University of Southern California

Session Description:

The University of Southern California’s Office of Religious & Spiritual Life (ORSL) sponsors a variety of opportunities for exploring the spiritual dimensions of students’ lives and learning. We support students in finding a religious home base on campus, forming new student groups, handling ethical dilemmas, exploring research papers, and gaining religious literacy on traditions foreign to them. ORSL sponsors campus programs with a moral, religious, or spiritual focus which take varied shapes, from spiritual care sessions, interfaith souljourns (trips to local sacred sites), art therapy and dog parties, creative and collaborative rituals, pop culture explorations, and much more. In this session, you’ll hear from several members of the ORSL staff, all who come from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds. Each staff member specializes in a different area of campus student life and offers insights from their work in different areas.

  • Date
    August 17, 2023
  • Time
    5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Location