Women’s Dignity Poster

November 1, 2018

The Parliament of the World’s Religion’s Women’s Task Force (PWTF), in partnership with the Women’s Caucus at the American Academy of Religion, has created this Dignity of Women Interfaith Wisdom Poster. The poster highlights wisdom teachings that support the Dignity of Women from various religious, wisdom, and faith traditions. Alicia Panganiban and Dr. Elizabeth Ursic are Co-chairs of the Dignity of Women Interfaith Wisdom Poster Project.

Alicia Panganiban, Co-chair of the Women’s Caucus at the American Academy of Religion states,  “Our generation has declared that now is the time to champion dignity of women. Thus, this Dignity of Women Interfaith Wisdom Project is among AAR-SBL Women’s Caucus and Women’s Task Force of the Parliament response to the cry of our time. We envision this joint project as a threshold in this moment in history where the dignity of women is upheld everywhere, locally and globally-at home, schools, churches, workplaces, communities, and worldwide. We wish to highlight the important role of faith and religion in this movement. Thus, through this Interfaith Wisdom Project, we hope to raise public awareness of the wisdom sayings of various traditions that support the dignity of women. As we debut the Dignity of Women Interfaith Wisdom Poster at the Parliament, we hope to have copies of the poster displayed in our homes, schools, and workplaces as a dazzling emblem of our generation. “

We have always done it this way but rather Since all the major world’s religions (including your own) support the dignity of women, how does limiting women’s access to these life-giving opportunities and rights support women’s dignity? The dignity of women should be a baseline for worldwide justice and the teaching of the world’s religions can and should be used to support it!”

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