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Join the Parliament of the World’s Religions throughout 2024, a year of democracy for our bold new initiative FOCUS24 | Faith, Democracy, and Our Common Future designed to rally people of diverse faiths during a critical election season marked by rising threats to democracy, freedom and human rights from authoritarian and nationalist movements across the globe.

In a world grappling with unprecedented challenges to democratic principles, freedom, and human rights, FOCUS24 is a rallying point for individuals from various faith traditions to come together as friends and supporters at the Parliament of the World’s Religions to learn, mobilize, and build resilient responses as a global interfaith movement. 

Grounded in the shared values of the Global Ethic including justice, compassion, and human dignity inherent in all religious and wisdom traditions, FOCUS24 aims to foster understanding, collaboration, and civic action that offers our neighbors better alternatives to misinformation, resignation, and fear of 2024’s political races. 

FOCUS24 programming aims to harness collective participation from people of diverse faiths and life experiences to protect freedom and human rights throughout the political process of 2024. The series offers participants exclusive learning opportunities, that produce social action and offer tools to sharpen our civic lives this year, including:

In-depth Understanding

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and threats facing democracy globally, including the rise of authoritarianism and nationalist movements.

Intersection of Faith and Democracy

Explore the intricate relationship between faith traditions and democratic principles, understanding how diverse religious communities can play a role in preserving democratic values.

Strategies for Advocacy

Acquire practical strategies and tools for advocating for democracy within interfaith communities and beyond. Learn how to effectively communicate the importance of democratic principles to diverse audiences.

Civic Engagement Skills

Develop skills related to civic engagement, voter education, and mobilization. Understand how interfaith activists can encourage community members to actively participate in democratic processes.

Interfaith Collaboration

Explore opportunities for interfaith collaboration in addressing threats to democracy. Learn how to build alliances with other faith communities, civil society organizations, and advocacy groups.

Community Empowerment

Discover ways to empower local communities to resist democratic erosion. Gain insights into community organizing, education, and mobilization efforts to protect democratic values.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow interfaith activists, experts, and organizations working on similar issues. Build a network that allows for collaboration, shared resources, and mutual support.

Inspiration and Motivation

Hear success stories and examples of interfaith activism contributing to democratic resilience. Gain inspiration and motivation to continue advocating for justice, equality, and human rights.

Tools for Countering Hate Speech

Learn effective strategies for countering hate speech, discrimination, and intolerance within interfaith communities. Understand the role of religious leaders in promoting peaceful coexistence.

Global Perspectives

Gain insights into the global landscape of democracy and understand how international developments impact local efforts. Learn from examples around the world and draw inspiration from diverse experiences.

Capacity Building

Participate in capacity-building sessions that enhance leadership skills, strategic planning, and effective communication. Strengthen the ability to lead and mobilize interfaith communities.

Resource Access

Gain access to resources, research findings, and tools that can support interfaith activists in their advocacy work for democracy and human rights.

FOCUS24 is for interfaith leaders, community organizers, faith-based activists, and anyone passionate about fostering understanding and collective action to gain knowledge and skills needed to face this year with agency and purpose in the protection of democratic values, human rights, and freedom within our home communities and beyond.

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