2023 Chicago

August 14-18, 2023 | McCormick Place Lakeside Center

2023 Exhibitor & Sponsorship Opportunities

As a network of networks, Parliament Convenings attract scholars, public theologians, religious and spiritual luminaries, advocacy experts, students, performers, government officials, and motivated individuals committed to a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Highlight Your Organization at the Largest Global Interfaith Gathering!

At the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions, exhibitors and sponsors will join thousands of attendees in celebrating the legacy of the modern interfaith movement.

2023 Chicago Exhibiting Opportunities

The Exhibit Hall at a Parliament of the World’s Religions provides a unique opportunity for vendors, faith communities, and attendees to gather in an exchange of information and knowledge. The 2023 Parliament will provide your organization with exposure to an excellent marketing demographic of educated, affluent, and well-networked individuals.

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The Exhibit Hall at the Parliament

At the physical heart of the Parliament of the World’s Religions is the Parliament Exhibit Hall. Nonprofit organizations from the grassroots to international level, universities, religious traditions, and vendors are showcased in an exhibit hall like no other. The Exhibit Hall provides a unique opportunity to gather and exchange information and knowledge, to build new relationships, and to engage the senses.

In the Lakeside Center of McCormick Place, the Parliament Exhibit Hall will exist right at the nexus of activity and traffic. Attendees will flow into the Exhibit Hall from the main entrance of the building and will travel through the Exhibit Hall to get to the Main Stage.

Exhibit Booth Packages – Early Bird Pricing through March 31st

Package A

Unfurnished 10’x10′ Booth
$1,290 USD

Unfurnished 10’x10′ Booth $1,290 USD

8’ h back drape
3’ h side rail
ID Sign
Bare flooring

Package B

Furnished 10’x10′ Booth
$1,583 USD

8’ h back drape
3’ h side rail
ID Sign
Bare flooring
6’ draped table
2 chairs

Package C

Furnished 10’x10′ Booth with Electrical
$1,875 USD

8’ h back drape
3’ h side rail
ID Sign
Bare flooring
6’ draped table
2 chairs
500-watt outlet

Every exhibit booth comes with:

  • 2 Parliament registrations
  • 10′ by 10′ space
  • 8′ high back wall drapery
  • 3′ high side rails with drapery
  • ID sign
  • Up to 200 lbs freight receiving fees included

​​​​​​​Larger booth spaces can be created by ordering multiple booths. Additional freight, furnishings, floor covering, and services may be ordered through our official General Services Contractor, Show Strategy, after initial exhibit order.

 Print and Mail-In Order Form

Call to order over the phone at 312-971-3180

PoWR Bookstore

Vendors can display up to 6 of their titles for sale at the PoWR Bookstore, run by PoWR staff and vetted volunteers. Vendors can choose between two fee structure options to have their books sold through the PoWR Bookstore:

  • One-time fee of $800 and keep 100% of sale profits
  • 50/50 profit split with a one-time processing fee of $50 at booking

For vendors with larger collections to sell, dedicated booth space must be purchased. Vendors are responsible for shipping costs to ship their book inventory to the McCormick Place.

 Print and Mail-In Order Form

Call to order over the phone at 312-971-3180

Advertising Opportunities

  • Program Book Ads

    • Full Page – $1,500
    • Half Page – $900
    • Quarter Page – $400
  • Mobile Program

    • Push Notification – $1,500
    • Banner Ads (exclusively available for Virtual Connection Sponsors – see sponsorship opportunities)
  • Tote Bag Ads

    • Logo on Tote Bag (6 available) – $7,500
    • 4.2″x5.5″ Flyer in Tote Bag (we print) – $2,500
    • Pen in Tote Bag (you provide; exclusive) – $2,000
    • Notepad in Tote Bag (you provide; exclusive) – $2,000
  • Hanging Banners

    • Entrance Bridge Full Banner 5’x20′ – $14,500
    • Entrance Bridge Half Banner 5’x10′ – $7,000
    • Garage or Rideshare Entrance Hall Banner 3’x5′ – $5,500
  • Entrance Bridge Window Decals

    • Full Window 20’x14′ – $25,000
    • Half Window 20’x7′ – $12,000

 Print and Mail-In Order Form

Call to order over the phone at 312-971-3180

Interested in Sponsoring the Parliament?

Sponsorships fund the Parliament Convening at $5,000 or more and include exhibiting and promotional opportunities. Contact Emma Carr, Director of Development at Emma@parliamentofreligions.org or request a meeting today


Land Acknowledgment

The Parliament of the World's Religions acknowledges it is situated on the traditional homelands of the Bodéwadmik (Potawatomi), Hoocąk (Winnebago/Ho’Chunk), Jiwere (Otoe), Nutachi (Missouria), and Baxoje (Iowas); Kiash Matchitiwuk (Menominee); Meshkwahkîha (Meskwaki); Asâkîwaki (Sauk); Myaamiaki (Miami), Waayaahtanwaki (Wea), and Peeyankihšiaki (Piankashaw); Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo); Inoka (Illini Confederacy); Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe), and Odawak (Odawa).

PoWR recognizes the region we now call Chicago remains home to a diversity of Indigenous peoples today and this land upon which we walk, live, and play continues to be Indigenous land.

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