World Interfaith Harmony Week

UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

The Parliament of the World’s Religions is your partner in observing World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW).

Join the Parliament of the World’s Religions in observing the yearly commemoration of interfaith harmony in the world. Our team wants to help you host an interfaith event as part of the UN’s official observance of World Interfaith Harmony Week.

What is World Interfaith Harmony Week?

World Interfaith Harmony Week is based on UNGA Resolution A/65/PV.34 for a worldwide week of interfaith harmony. It was proposed in 2010 by HM King Abdullah II and HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan. All around the world, organizations and individuals host events during the first week of February to help neighbors of different faiths get to know each other and build a foundation for more peaceful and friendly communities.

World Interfaith Harmony Week encourages grassroots events that link people together in a global wave of understanding, respect, and action.

World Interfaith Harmony Week provides a platform—one week in a year—when all interfaith groups and other groups of goodwill can show the world what a powerful movement they are.

Get Involved!

  • Sign up on World Interfaith Harmony Week Interest Form
  • Join the Parliament’s PoWR Partner network on Facebook and engage with interfaith organizers from around the world.
  • Apply to host a World Interfaith Harmony Week event with the Parliament
  • Create an account with World Interfaith Harmony Week
  • Add your event to the World Interfaith Harmony Week Calendar
  • Explore the Resources available for Hosts
  • Attend upcoming Events!
  • Read and Share Blogs from fellow organizers
  • Use the hashtag #InterfaithPoWR on social media

At the Parliament of the World’s Religions, we believe that observing World Interfaith Harmony Week and helping individuals host events in observance is an extension of our mission to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

World Interfaith Harmony Week also provides an opportunity to consider significant challenges facing the world, including the impending threat of climate change. Convening and connecting the global interfaith community on climate action is a primary focus for Parliament. World Interfaith Harmony Week encourages the kind of global cooperation that is necessary to overcome the climate crisis and preserve the planet for future generations. We encourage organizers of WIHW events to include climate action programming, education, and resources in their plans. We also stress the importance of encouraging participants in these events to make climate commitments. Parliament can provide resources, including through our Climate Commitments Project web hub.

The Parliament is a non-governmental organization associated with the UN through the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN-DPI). Our UN Task Force facilitates participation across several annual activities at the UN, to align the efforts of the Parliament of the World’s Religions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and advocate for interfaith perspectives and actions with:  

  • World Interfaith Harmony Week (First week in February) 
  • The Commission on the Status of Women 
  • United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
  • UN-DPI Annual Conference 

How can the Parliament help me host a WIHW event?

The Parliament of the World’s Religions is committed to helping interfaith organizers from around the world by providing them with organizational tools, promotional opportunities, and the ability to join our growing global network.

  • Organizational Tools – Visit our Resources page for access to Event Hosting Toolkits, a list of event ideas, and reflections from past organizers.
  • Promotional Opportunities – The Parliament will promote your event on our website, and our PoWR Partners page, and individuals who apply to host a WIHW event with the Parliament can add the Parliament’s Facebook page as a co-host of their event.
  • Join our Growing Global Network – Join the Parliament’s PoWR Partners Facebook group and connect with interfaith organizers from around the world.

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